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Past-Part Fills Part 6 [Closed]

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[Part 16] "Yi Ya Huan Ya" ("any, darkish", Japan+China, warnings for death/rape/torture) 1/2


2012-01-16 06:19 pm (UTC) (Link) "any/any- darkish". I had this idea anyway but wasn't confident posting it non-anon ^_^ Warnings for rape, gore, snuff, and the Asian brothers being selectively murderous. Inspired by the smattering of Nanking fics involving Kiku raping Yao directly. I freely admit I like my version better, though it's no less gruesome. "Yi ya huan ya" = Chinese, "tooth for a tooth".

Hello. No, don't try to get up. You won't be able to unless you can break barbed wire bare-handed. I'd advise you not to waste your strength.

My name is Kiku Honda. I've brought you here today to discuss a certain event a few years ago. 1937, to be precise. I'm sure you'll remember. The destruction of China's capital? Specifically, a certain person there. There were five of you involved, but the other two were killed in the war. Pity for us. Lucky for them, though, I think. You'll see what I mean.

There was a person there. A person in a ruined uniform, with a bandaged chest. You thought it was a girl in a poor disguise. You cornered her in an empty house. She fought back, but was already weak and sick. You broke her wrists, then her right leg, and pinned her left ankle to the wall with a knife, as if she could have got away.

It was at about that point that you realised she was in fact a man. You didn't stop, though. I'm informed that the words "looks close enough" were used. Ah, I see you remember now. Good, I wasn't looking forward to having to go into further detail. I will, however, describe the end, so that what comes next is slightly less of a surprise. I can do you that courtesy.

At some point, the bandages on his chest came undone, and you saw that the wound had left his heart exposed and beating, that it should by rights have killed him. One of you - he doesn't recall which - screamed something about demons, emptied a rifle into his head and chest, and left him for dead.

That man was my brother. In fact, he's here today. Say hello to Wang Yao, won't you?

Yes, I understand this is a shock. Rather more alive than you were expecting, isn't he? You see, neither of us are what we seem. To put it as simply as possible, I am Japan, and this is China. We are the souls of the nations. We are the landmass and the people and everything else that makes a nation what it is. Yes, I see you believe me. That's one of our special talents; we can choose to allow a human to know of us, and they will know it to be true. He tells me he tried to show you, that day, but he was weak and you didn't care.

One of our other talents has already been demonstrated to you, but I'll show you again. Knife, please, brother ... ah.

See? We heal fast. Not that it's easy to harm us in the first place. If you'd just dragged him off the street one day I'd have bet he could have taken the whole damn army single-handed. I know. He taught me well. But when the city fell, it wounded him, weakened him.

Shut up, you moron. Just because he didn't die doesn't mean it didn't hurt exactly as much as you'd expect it to. I'm told he still wakes up screaming. Oh, don't look at me like that, brother, it's not like they'll be able to tell anyone.

No, this isn't really about the massacre itself. I won't pretend either of us is pleased that it happened, but it's war. It happens. Mortals aren't puppets, what they do isn't entirely up to us. It's not the first time, and if nations tried to avenge every war death we'd have no people left. But when you brought my brother's mortal body into it, you crossed a line, and so I give you to him as a peace offering.

You called his people beasts. Fit only for slaughter at your whim. Perhaps they were, to you, but if so, in our eyes you are rogue beasts. Rabid. And rogue beasts must be culled.
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Re: [Part 16] "Yi Ya Huan Ya" ("any, darkish", Japan+China, warnings for death/rape/torture) 2/2


2012-01-16 06:20 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yes, I know you have children. So did they. Why do you think that's going to stop us? If anything, it only makes me wish more to ensure you are erased. I wouldn't want someone who did that to my brother anywhere near my children, would you?

Of course, I'm technically a traitor for this. A nation betraying his own people. Funny. But I had to choose; either I'm a traitor to my people, or to my family. And, you see, mortals come and go, but I will have to look my brother in the eyes forever. It wasn't even a real option that I let this go.

Oh, that boy in the corner? That's just Yong-Soo. You know him as Korea. Ignore him, he's only here to help me with the cameras, and get ideas for his own revenge. Some of my officers overstepped their boundaries with him as well. We'll be heading to Korea when we're done here.

Well, I think I've talked enough. I'll back off and let Yao take it from here. See, big brother, I sharpened your knives for you, and the brazier's hot. Oh, it's nothing, really. Thank you. I love you too.

You, stop snivelling. You're Japanese soldiers, try to die with dignity.

Happy birthday, big brother.
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Re: [Part 16] "Yi Ya Huan Ya" ("any, darkish", Japan+China, warnings for death/rape/torture) 2/2


2012-04-15 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)

Oh. My. God.

A!A, if you're still around, I had to admit, I clicked the link to this story with no small amount of reservation, because so many fics about Japan, China, and the Nanjing Massacre are, shall we say, somewhat unfortunate, but this...this story was so different. So creepy. So brilliant. The way you told it as a narration by Japan just made everything so much creepier, and I love how you explained how he isn't proud of what happened, but it's much more practical for both nations to put it behind them. And how you had Korea be there too! That was a great touch.

tl;dr: Amazing, creepy fill.
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2012-06-21 12:06 am (UTC) (Link)

Yay, thanks! This was kind of a response to those unfortunate fics. Politics aside the characters seem to get along fairly well, if with mutual irritation, post-war in the show and comic, so I kind of like the idea that they know the war was a huge clusterfuck on everyone's parts and don't resent each other for it any more than for the many, many other wars they've been in, though WW2 was on a larger scale.

Of course, making it up to each other by engaging in horrifically messy cold-blooded murder together probably makes them just as evil as they are in the aforementioned fics, but this way is more ... well, "fun" is the wrong word.
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Re: [Part 16] "Yi Ya Huan Ya" ("any, darkish", Japan+China, warnings for death/rape/torture) 2/2


2012-04-18 03:58 am (UTC) (Link)

Fascinating. It seems a realistic way to deal with war atrocities between nations that have bonds between them.
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