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Possible move to Dreamwidth
The Hetalia kink meme has now moved to Dreamwidth

Please use the mod contact post there if you need to get in touch!

Hetalia Kink News
What do you think about moving to Dreamwidth?
Talk here!

Current part:
Part 24
Be sure to record your fills in the Fill List.
Past-Part Fills Part 7 is OPEN.
PPF6 has closed, but WIPs may continue there.
Step-by-step guide to using the kink meme]

Dusting Out Ye Olde Book of Rules
Updated 17 November 2011

      Want to post, but not sure how to start?
      Here's a
step-by-step guide for exactly what to do!

Etiquette of good and proper behavior for a kink meme
If these rules are not followed, your comments may be deleted

This is probably the most important rule of a kink meme: 
If you make a request please try to fill at least one other request.
If we all work together we make many more people happy. Even if you've never done a fill before, give it a shot! It might be fun, and certainly will make someone else happy. It also keeps the artist!anons and the author!anons from feeling overwhelmed.
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